SOlo pIANo

THROUGH THE HOURS: debut solo piano EP available on Bandcamp, CD BabyiTunes and Amazon released 16 March 2017; launched 7 June 2017 at 1901 Arts Club, Waterloo, London.

REVIEWS:  Bruce Lindsay All About Jazz ; Ian Mann The Jazz Mann ; Ian Maund Sandy Brown Jazz ; Matthew Ruddick Kind of Jazz ; Colin Clarke International PIano Magazine (July/August edition 2017)

"A beautiful collection of melodically driven solo piano pieces - each one starting down a path that you think you know the end of, but then twisting into new and unexpected areas. Subtle voicings and elegant turns of phrase make this EP a really absorbing listen."  - Mercury-award-nominee Kit Downes UK

"Morley’s classically honed technique and lightness of touch is immediately apparent, but there’s a rhythmic rigour and vigour about the music too"  - Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann, UK)

"This is a remarkable set of pieces. The sophisticated approach to instrumental sound draws the listener in immediately, and the sense of voicing creates a sound-world that is seductive and involving. The careful management and manipulation of motivic material throughout is evidence of a serious musical intelligence and of an artist who is determined to make truly original work"   - improvising pianist-composer Dr Tim Stevens, Australia

Meg Morley Trio

CAN'T GET STARTED: debut album available on Bandcamp, CD BabyiTunes and Amazon released 31 July 2017

REVIEWS: Ian Mann The Jazz Mann ..."Individually the musicians all play well but the most impressive aspect of the recording is the interaction between the three instrumentalists"


Emiliano Caroselli (drums) Meg Morley (piano) Richard Sadler (double-bass)

photograph: Monika S Jakubowska